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The Rodin Sculpture Garden at Stanford

If you are looking for an amazing collection of sculptures from a famous artist on the campus of a prestigious university, then the Rodin Sculpture Garden on the campus of Stanford University is the perfect place for you to explore. Art lovers will be thrilled to learn that the sensational exhibit is just 20 minutes away from Hotel Zico, and with 20 sculptures, this exhibit is the largest collection of the great master’s work outside of Paris. Perhaps the best part is that the sculptures can be reached 24 hours a day. They even have lights if you are partial to night time viewings. So why not pack a light picnic and spend an evening exploring a fine collection of art? These sculptures are sure to take you breath away, and the garden itself will undoubtedly allow you achieve a sense of serenity in an otherwise chaotic world. You will definitely not want to miss this unique opportunity to view the work of one of the greatest sculptors of all time.