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I Scream for Shaved Snow

It's not ice cream, not frozen yogurt, not even remotely like gelato or Italian ice. It's shaved snow, a Taiwanese frozen dessert that's set to upstage every arctic-cold confection around. In short, it's layer upon paper-thin layer of icy goodness, with a side or two of fruit, cookies, nuts – you name it. In Mountain View, shaved snow fans and first-timers head to Sno-Zen, where traditional flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry sometimes get upstaged by more exotic flavors (think matcha green tea, Vietnamese coffee and mango). The lines can be long (yes, it really is that good) but you'll be mingling with a melting pot of locals and Mountain View hotel guests. You may not leave in a heightened state of enlightenment, but Sno-Zen's less-sugar formula will surely leave you lighter on your feet.

Address: 2101 Showers Drive