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Escape the Mad Hatter

You will certainly not want to be late as you frantically try to solve the Mad Hatter’s mystery at Ryptic Room Escape before time runs out. The Alice in Wonderland theme is an interesting and extremely fun twist on the growing escape room phenomenon that is sweeping the nation. Plus, Ryptic Escape Room is only 5 minutes from the Hotel Zico by car, so it is not only fun but also convenient. As you fall further and further down the rabbit hole, will you and your group have what it takes to escape Wonderland? The Mad Hatter Escape Room is fun for beginners and experts alike. The puzzles are challenging, but they can definitely be solved if you keep your wits about you. After what is hopefully a successful escape attempt, make your way back to the Hotel Zico to recharge your batteries for whatever adventures the next day of your vacation may hold.