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Computer History Comes Alive

The Computer History Museum in Mountain View celebrates over 2,000 years of computer innovation and development. You read that correctly; the museum demonstrates how the history of computers can be traced back 2 millennia! Located less than 10 minutes from Hotel Zico, the Computer History Museum offers insight into all of our favorite devices and even some that have not yet become widely used. For example, the "Where To? A History of Autonomous Vehicles" exhibit allows visitors to sit inside a self-driving car while learning about the technology that allows the whole thing to work. "Thinking Big: Ada, Countess of Lovelace" is another popular exhibit which highlights the mathematical contributions of the famous noblewoman. There are also hands-on activities at the museum such as learning Photoshop from an expert and brief lessons on coding. Everyday, computers become more and more important in our lives. The Computer History Museum shows how we got to this point, come find out for yourself.