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A Meading of the Minds

You can't wave your arms in California without hitting a winery, but how about a meadery? You may not have heard of mead before, (it's an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey and water, sometimes with fruit and spices added as flavorings), but trust us, after a trip to Rabbit's Foot Meadery, you'll be raving about it. Located less than ten minutes from our Mountain View hotel, Rabbit's Foot offers tons of different mead flavors that are sweet while still light and refreshing, like black cherry, pear and pomegranate, among others. For just five dollars a person, visitors are invited to try them all in the tasting room and buy a bottle (or two) of the ones they like best. So skip the vineyards for a day and savor a spirit of another sort.

Address: 246 Birchwood Drive, Sunnyvale