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Mountain View, California 650 969-8200

Guest Reviews

Mountain View Hotel Reviews
"Beautiful hotel. Very nice design and layout. Exceptional value. Good service. I wish all the hotels were as good as this one." - Mrs. Drucker, Fort Wayne, Texas
"I really love this hotel. The rooms are great but most importantly, the staff is extremely kind and helpful. I always tell my co-workers and friends." - Pam Mullin, Long Island, NY
"We have been treated like royalty from the first phone call to the exit. You do it right!!" - Ms. Rogers, Clearlake, CA
"Great ambience! Amenities are great!" - Mike Fuller, Los Angeles, CA
"You have done a marvelous job reviving redecorating this hotel! Breakfast was actually hot, very nice rooms, underground garage a real plus. Keep it up." - Mr. Robinson, Seattle, WA
"Pleasant Decor, Clean & comfortable, courteous front desk staff and housekeeping. Good- breakfast- good quality. Loved the sink." - Anonymous